Photo album S-Dandelion



Product: Photo album S-Dandelion

Dimensions: 22 cm x  25 cm, 30 pages

Paper: Patterned paper-Dandelion

Letterpress: Personalise your photo album. Please choose the name/initials to be printed in letterpress

Note: Allow 20 days for creating a new photo album with a different patterned paper

Nibu Letterpress appreciates the value of special people, moments and places. We are delighted to offer a range of photo albums to preserve your unforgettable memories. There are a variety of styles, papers and printing options to choose from on our online shop but if you prefer a customised photo album, please contact us to design it to your personal specifications.
Nibu Letterpress offers you 5 different photo album sizes:
S-22 cm x 25 cm, 30 pages
M-30 cm x 24 cm, 30 pages
M- Square-33 cm x 33 cm, 50 pages
L-35 cm x 30 cm, 50 pages
XL-35 cm x 35 cm, 50 pages

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