Please read the most frequent asked questions, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any particular requirement to discuss.

Nibu Letterpress™ specialises in bespoke personal, social and business stationery. For ALL bespoke stationary we will guide you through our full range of options, which includes everything from the colour of your paper to typography. Once the details of the order have been decided, our typesetters will send you a proof of your design for final review and approval. Your stationery will be letterpressed, using traditional printing presses that date back to the early 1950s. Meanwhile, envelopes can be hand–lined with the paper of your choice, matching your cards or invitations.
Once your bespoke stationery order is completed, we will inspect every single item to ensure that each dispatched item merits the dry stamp of Nibu Letterpress™. Now your parcel is ready to be dispatched anywhere in the world.

We offer a complementary gift wrapping for all our products except Studio sale ones. Please indicate that you require this service by ticking the box next to your product or additionally on the checkout.

Your order will not proceed to print until we have received your confirmed approval of the technical proof and the deposit. Please contact us and we will be able to advise you on the precise timing for the proof and completion of your order as it varies depending on the complexity of the order.

Nibu Letterpress™ is open to ideas from our customers. However the printing process works with specific requirements. We will need to see if your ideas /images are suitable for printing. Quotes are available upon request.

Due to the nature of letterpress and because it is a handmade process done on antique printing presses, each print is unique. No two prints are entirely identical, therefore subtle variations in inking, colour, impression and position are to be expected. You may also notice that when choosing a wooden font there may be marks or tiny dented corners… All of these is part of the letterpress charm, and we love it!